Julien Carretero

DRAG² I Pendant Lamp

Designed by Julien Carretero, 2019
$ 395.00

This collection deals with a production process inspired by the traditional plaster dragging technique in which the plaster is constrained in shape by a profile while hardening. This technique, traditionally used to produce ornamental cornices, is adapted here in order to serially produce various typologies of objects. The process results in an infinite variation of shapes based on solids of revolution.

Lacquered plaster. Vases come with an inner waterproof coating. Sconces are just shells with a simple hanging system and do not come with built-in electrical fittings

Ø6" x H7,8"
Ø15cm x H20cm

Voltage (V)
120 or 240 V

Lead Time: 8-10 weeks