Fulcrum Table Lamp

Designed by Cheshire Architects, 2019
$ 4,400.00

The Fulcrum Lamp is the modern re-expression of an archetype. Its free formed silhouette and re-positionable shade allow it to take on new forms from every angle, rendering it equally at home on an antique side table or plywood bench.

Fulcrums shade can be rotated with the gentle sweep of a finger, raising the light output from a soft glow to full brightness as the shade pivots through a sequence of cantilevered compositions.

Executed with a Japanese paper shade and either a sand-cast bronze or cork base, the Fulcrum Lamp uses its classically rooted two-part format to explore a rich dialect of material and mass. 


Bronze and Japanese Paper

Cork and Japanese Paper

Product Code

FUL001 - Bronze and Paper

FUL002 - Cork and Paper

Colour Options

Shade - Japanese Paper

Base - Cast Bronze or Cork

Cord - Black

Dimming Intergrated Dimming

Certification CE