MyoungAe Lee in conversation with Minjae Kim

May 20 - July 29.

Matter Projects present a collaborative showcase that explores the kindred nature between artist MyoungAe Lee and artist Minjae Kim – Mother and Son.

On the heels of Kim’s solo debut last summer at Marta in Los Angeles, the rising artist has turned his attention to those closest to his practice – his family. While the previous exhibition, ‘I Was Evening All Afternoon,’ told a story of estrangement, in juxtaposition, this second series of works touches a more intimate nerve, addressing the cross pollination of his familial creativity

“I spent my childhood surrounded by her paintings – I was taught by her how to see and draw, and watched her agonize for days over the same surface to get it right. The existence of the influence that her work had on mine was always clear, but I was curious if I could actually tap into that somehow,” says Kim. 

Much like the artistically intertwined experience of Kim’s childhood, works by both artists will be displayed together in support of each other, creating a cohesive experience throughout the space. This exhibit will mark Lee’s US debut with 15 of her works on display alongside 18 new pieces from Kim. 

Drawing inspiration from her own experience as a Mother, a curatorial statement by Mexico-based writer and poet Su Wu, will accompany the exhibition, helping to guide the visitor through this unique dynamic between Lee and Kim. 

Available Works