Pós-Tropical Vase

Designed by Wentz, 2014
$ 290.00
Originally created in 2014 for the Collectors Club of MAM (Museum of Modern Art in São Paulo), the Post-Tropical Vase has yet become an icon of Guilherme Wentz’s work. The importance of the object goes beyond its primary function and it represents a new vision for the Brazilian classic materials and the country’s empirical popular “design” culture.The vase is formed by a metallic tube supported by a wooden base. The simplicity of shapes is complemented by the simplicity of the construction: the components are tied up by a metallic belt, referring to the improvised and primitive constructions. The project was re-edited in new materials and is available in two finishing versions.

Name: Vaso Pós-Tropical

Year Of Design: 2014

Type: Vase

Environment: Indoor

Materials: Aluminum/Solid Copper, Wood


W: 13cm / 5,1”

D: 9cm / 3,5”

H: 30cm / 11,8”

Colors: Black Aluminum, Copper

Technical Description:

Vase for a single flower or leaf. Tube, belt and fixture in anodized brushed aluminum or brushed solid copper covered in matte varnish. Base in black stained Caixeta wood (Black Aluminum edition) or natural Imbuia wood

(Copper edition). Rubber stopper inserted in the bottom of the tube for sealing.


Natural materials are subject to color and texture variations. These characteristics are part of the product history

and make every single piece unique.


W: 14cm / 5,5”

D: 33cm / 13,0”

H: 10cm / 3,9”

Gross Weight:





Lead Time: 12-14 weaks