Stephen Kenn

Inheritance Loveseat

Designed by Stephen Kenn, 2021

In 2011 Stephen Kenn created The Inheritance Collection which started from a place of curiosity and resulted in the reimagining of typical upholstered seating. Each piece begins as a steel frame with supporting belts composed of cotton webbing and leather. The feather down pillows and foam seat cushions are upholstered with canvas, wool or leather.

The first Inheritance Sofa utilized vintage military tent canvas as upholstery, with the tan and red stripe webbing belts a replica of a Swiss military-issue mule belt, originally utilized to strap supplies to the backs of pack animals. Now we use a variety of materials for upholstery, but when we source we keep sustainability at the forefront of our minds.

A distinctive feature of this collection is the many options for customization. From frame finishes to upholstery materials, dimensions to sectional layout style, please contact MATTER directly, and we can create a look and feel that is tailor-made for you.

Steel frame, canvas, wool, or leather upholstery, cotton and leather straps

L 64" x D 36" x H 30"

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