Muller Van Severen

Folding Shelves

Designed by Muller Van Severen, 2014
$ 13,430.00

Folding shelves is an object first shown in 2014 at New Work, the second solo exhibition of Muller Van Severen at Valerie Traan, Antwerp.  Soberness, playfulness and transparency remain the key aspects. This time combined with rusted steel and aluminium. Unlike other objects in this series, such as ‘double desk’ and ‘3 pieces desk’, this piece isn’t lacquered and plays with different color tonalities of metal. The aluminium, rusted steel and brass structures are linked to each other by thin cilindrical bars and can rotate allowing the furniture to take on different forms. This is an object that excels in transparency. The rusted steel middle piece seems to float in the air.

Limited edition 8 + 2 AP

Aluminum, rusted steel, brass

L118,1" x D15,75" x H57,9" (extended)
L300 cm x D40 cm x H147 cm (extended)

Lead Time: 12-14 weeks