Mezcla JH22

$ 4,049.00
A table is where different people come together for different reasons. To meet and discuss a topic. To agree, disagree or just laugh and enjoy each other’s company. It’s this idea of mixing people, ideas and elements that lies at the core of Mezcla, a table concept by Spanish designer Jaime Hayon, characterised by a mix of exclusive materials. Get this Mezcla dining table in four different variants.


Marble or solid wood with electro plated and powder coated steel

H: 73cm/28.7in, B: 120cm/47.2in, D: 90cm/35.5in

Walnut, Brass, Burgundy
Oak, Chrome, Clay
Nero Marquina, Brass, Burgundy
Travertine, Chrome, Clay

Felt gliders installed as standard

Marble top: 115 kg
Wood top: 51 kg

Cleaning instructions
Please download our Material Care & Cleaning instructions through downloads

Package dimensions
Table top:
H: 128cm/50.4in B: 98cm/38.6in D: 9cm/3.5in, Marble: 103 kg, Wood: 18 kg
Top support:
H: 60cm/23.6in B: 60cm/23.6in D: 5cm/1.9in, 8.3 kg
H: 75cm/29.5in B: 19cm/7.4in D: 19cm/7.4in, 6.8 kg
H: 60cm/23.6in B: 60cm/23.6in D: 5cm/1.9in, 20 kg