Wiener GTV Design

N. 18 Barstool

Designed by Gebrüder Thonet, 1876
$ 916.00
Stool in bent beech-wood designed by the company in the second half of the nineteenth century. Created to meet precise functional requirements, it is an iconic proposal, together with the chair of the same name, which has increasingly been used in bistros all over the world. The curved element that also enriches the central part of the backrest, adds comfort to the seat – available in wood or upholstered – and at the same time determines the unmistakable profile. The backrest and rear legs take their shape from a single piece of steam-curved wood, today as in the past.

Bent beech-wood barstool. Plywood or upholstered seat.

W16,3" x D19,6" x H43,7"
W41,5cm x D50cm x H11,1cm

Lead Time: 18-20 weeks