Nello Spazio

Designed by Umberto Riva, 2018
$ 11,718.00
Architect Umberto Riva is first and foremost a painter. His paintings portray abstract subjects, collages of lines, spaces and fields of color. One of his works, Nello Spazio, served as inspiration for the eponymous Tacchini Edizioni rug, knotted with Himalayan wool in Nepal. The result of a long and detailed process, the rug is entirely hand made, following a thousands-year-old tradition that only adds to the charm of more contemporary subjects, like the abstracts by Umberto Riva.

Rug 230×300 cm

L 300 P 230 cm

W 118,11” D 90,55”

Volume m³ 0,40

Weight kg 36

Lead Time: 20-22 Weeks