Bloc Studios

Posture Vase

Designed by Carl Kleiner & Bloc Studios, 2017
$ 350.00

Taking inspiration from photographer Carl Kleiner's 2014 "Postures" series, Kleiner and Bloc studios have collaborated to create the Posture Vases collection. Constructed in a variety of stones and a support rod in brass, the vases allow flowers, plants and branches to be positioned in different angles, creating simple, yet sculptural shapes.

"The posture series came from experiments with methods to control the positions of the flowers in order to photograph them in poses and arrangements that made them look alive", says Kleiner.

Green onyx, White Onyx, White Arabescato, Black Marble, Brass Rod

No. 1:
W 2.75" x D 2.75" x H 15.75"
W 7 cm x D 7 cm x H 40 cm

No. 2:
W 3.5" x D 3.5" x H 23"
W 9 cm x D 9 cm x 57.5 cm

No. 3:
⌀ 6.5" x H 15.75"
⌀ 16 cm x H 26.5 cm

Lead Time: 8-10 weeks