Soft Beat

Slow waves. Rolling hills. Soothing pulse. Kind. Soft. Iconic – Soft Beat. Structure in wood covered with shaped polyurethane in differentiated density and polyester slip cover. Springing by means of elastic straps. Feet in black metal.

Metal, Fabric, Leather

W 174cm x D 89cm x H 74cm  [SB01]
W 214 x D 89 x H 74  [SB04]
W 229 x D 89-145 x H 74  [SB06]
W 244 x D 89 x H 74  [SB02]
W 258 x D 89 x H 74  [SB05]
W 333 x D 89-145 x H 74  [SB03]

Seat height 42cm

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