Valerie Objects

Solo Seat

$ 6,210.00
This solo seat is a core version of the famous duoseat that Muller Van Severen presented in 2012 during their break-through show at Interieur Kortrijk. The basic concept remains the same: creating a seat that consists of nothing more than a cloth and a steel frame. The cloth is made from untreated natural leather that ages beautifully over the years, the frame comes in two colors: cream white and bright red. Both colors match perfectly with the leather. Just like other Muller Van Severen furniture, it is the visual lightness that makes this solo seat so appealing. The background behind the furniture remains visible and continues to play a role in the aesthetics of the living space. “We don’t like covering up the room with furniture”, Hannes Van Severen says. Visual clarity above all.

V9018021 lacquered steel red + leather

V9018022 lacquered steel cream white + leather