73 Table Lamp

$ 500.00

73t series pendants can be used with the table light hardware, which includes an integral dimming system housed within a sleek brass cylinder. The black fabric cord is semi-rigid and may be sculpted to add form. The brass stand has a small notch on the underside, allowing it to be hung on a wall if desired.

The table light comes with a 1.5-watt LED lamp.

CABLE LENGTH: 2290mm (90”)
PLUG TYPE: NA Type A - 110V EU Type C - 230V UK Type G - 230V
INSTALLATION: preset length, composed during installation. May also be wall mounted.
MATERIALS: blown glass, black flexible cord with brass base and dial control
WEIGHT: approx. 2.7kg (6lb) POWER SUPPLIES: integral

Lead Time: 2-4 Weeks