Cana Wall Lamp

Designed by Guilherme Wentz's, 2018
$ 510.00
Cana Lamp is the result of recent studies on simple and organic forms, exploring the boundaries between the natural and artificial. The curve, inspired by sugar cane stalks, mixed with delicate details and LED technology, creates an interesting contrast between organic forms and contemporary design. The subtle indirect light allows it to be used in any room as complementary lighting. Also, the smaller version can be used over nightstands, sofas and consoles, while the larger one can be used in entrances and hallways as a sculptural piece.

Name: Cana Wall Lamp

Year Of Design: 2018

Type: Wall Lamp

Environment: Indoor

Materials: Aluminum



W: 2cm / 0,8”

D: 7cm / 2,8”

H: 50cm / 19,7”


W: 2cm / 0,8”

D: 11cm / 4,3”

H: 95cm / 37,4”

Colors: Black ,White



W: 60cm / 23,6”

D: 25cm / 9,8”

H: 10cm / 3,9”


W: 100cm / 39,4”

D: 25cm / 9,8”

H: 10cm / 3,9”

Gross Weight:





Technical Description:

Wall mounted light fixture providing indirect light. Body and canopy in aluminum with liquid painting finishing. Internal components in machined aluminum. 2 Built-in LED.’s — one inserted in the top end of the tube, one inserted in the bottom end of the tube. Acrylic opal diffusers.

Light Source:

Built-in LED.

240lm. 2700K. 90 IRC.

Dimming: No.

Canopy: Aluminum, same finishing as the lamp.

Ø: 6,5cm / 2,6”

Voltage: 100-240V

Certifications: No.

Lead Time: 12-14 weaks