Destroyers Builders

Brick’s Reflection Chair

Designed by Destroyers Builders, 2020
$ 61,200.00

Brick’s Reflection is first and foremost a tribute to the brick; to its rough, veined surface and distinctive touch, to its straightforward composition and the appeal of its colours. Qualities which, in our regions, are bound to a collective memory, to the general nature of our streets, towns and villages. However, Linde Freya Tangelder decided to address these characteristics through their opposite. A choice that allows her not only to discuss what surrounds us, but just as much, if not more, to contemplate the future possibilities it implies.

Brown brick, aluminium

W20,4" x D18,89" x H27,5"
W52cm × D48cm × H70cm 

Lead Time: 14-16 weeks