A.D.A. Table Lamp

Designed by Umberto Riva, 2020
$ 2,202.00
The A.‎D.‎A.‎ lamp arises, as often occurs, from other forms.‎ Little-by-little, during the design and engineering stages, it was transformed and, in some regards, simplified, until it achieved its final contours, reminiscent of the archetype of a table lamp.‎
The simple design is formed by two truncated cones joined by a plate, while its strength derives from the material: tinted fiberglass which, illuminated from within, becomes translucent, offering a glimpse of the fibers from which it is made.‎ The name A.‎D.‎A.‎ draws a parallel between the shape of the object and the pronunciation of the word.‎ Made up of two “A”s, Ada is the shortest feminine palindrome, just as the lamp is made up of two conical geometrical structures reminiscent of the same letter.‎

Tinted Fiberglass

Ø18,8" x H20" 
Ø48cm x H51cm

kg 5,5

Lead Time: 20-22 Weeks