Roll & Hill

Castle 9-01

$ 6,300.00

While the shape of these pieces occasionally resemble the turrets of a castle, the name actually comes from the game of chess. The rook can jump any distance, yet it is restricted to moving orthogonally. Likewise, the glass in Castle extends to different lengths, but is always horizontal or vertical.

Lead Time: 8weeks
Dimensions: L 40in/101cm x W 34in/87cm x H 17.5in/44cm
Fixture Weight: 9lb/4.1kg
Materials: Machined aluminum, glass
Suspension: 1/2-inch aluminum stem in matching metal finish. 35-inch length included with lamp. 96-inch length available for additional cost. Stem length can be adjusted on site.
Dimmer compatibility: Electronic Low Voltage (ELV)

Patent pending