Model 2109/16/14

$ 8,750.00

Throughout his life, the sky served as a muse for lighting master Gino Sarfatti. He was fascinated by the perfect light emitted by the Moon, and one of Gino Sarfatti’s most brilliant designs is inspired by the natural poetry of the luminous satellite.

In 1959, Le Sfere was launched in a solar system of its own, revolving around a single luminous sphere. Le Sfere features a simple, yet elegant principle in which a blown opaline glass sphere is held in place by a painted aluminium ring. A refined embrace that lends the luminaire a graphic expression and brings forth its distinctive aesthetic.

The Le Sfere collection is a multifaceted, open-minded luminaire system, suitable for illuminating all kinds of spaces with its ambient moonlight, from a modest corridor to exclusive private and commercial settings.

Specifications Model 2109/16/14
Typology Suspension
Materials Opaline Glass Diffuser, Steel Structure
Dimensions  37.5" x  H 2.75"-63" (adjustable)
∅ 950 x 70-1600mm 
Diffuser Diameter  5.5" / 140mm
Weight 14.80kg
Light Source 16 x (60W Max)
Bulbs Not Included
Lead Time:
8-12 Weeks