Destroyers Builders

Cross Vault

Designed by Destroyers Builders, 2018
$ 7,310.00

“A view on human touch into industrial form language.”

Cross Vault intervenes the architectural element into a sculptural furniture piece. Both contemporary and classical fragments are the bases of the visual language of the Cross Vault. Fascinated by old building techniques, the classical cross vault, usually made out of layered bricks, has been reinterpreted through another materiality. This Cross Vault is a clear exploration in shape, translated into an open furniture piece; a low seating element. The transition of the crossed structure, built from bended aluminium, still refers to the building technique but the scale opens new functions. The aluminium volume of Cross Vault, show the fusion between sculptural and industrial in ultimate way. The finish of the surface, sanded by hand, leaves a cloudy texture that shows the human touch of the architectural shape. These traces that are still visible in the object, explain the method of Destroyers/Builders.


W26,77" x D26,77" x H11,8"
W68cm × D68cm × H30cm

Lead Time: 14-16 weeks