Destroyers Builders

Windows Of Bo Bardi - Desk / Dining table

Designed by Destroyers Builders, 2020
$ 16,660.00
Building further on the series Windows of Bo Bardi, the Desk in tulipwood embraces the color variations that are peculiar in this type of wood; diverse green tones alternate with the lighter nuances. This unexpected color variations are reinforced by the shapes of the desk. The legs, which all have a different size give a new composition on sitting. The origin of inspiration are the organic shaped windows in a brutalist concrete building; SESC Pompeia (Sao Paulo) by Italian-Brazilian architect Lina bo Bardi. This gesture of Lina bo Bardi, is bringing some wilderness in the heavy architecture. Within the Windows of Bo Bardi Desk, a balance between the fluid and the regularity is persued. 


W80,31" x D40,94" x H29,5"
W204cm x D104cm x H75cm

Lead Time: 14-16 weeks