Wiener GTV Design

Peer A & B

Designed by Front, 2020
$ 2,409.00

The Swedish duo Front designs the new PEERS coffee tables. High-end project that marks a new encounter with Gebrüder Thonet Vienna for which the two designers have signed some of the bestsellers of the contemporary collection such as the Hideout lounge chair, the N.0 chair and the Coat Rack Bench. The PEERS collection includes two tables, elements designed in pairs but also perfect used individually, ideal in the living area or in the bedroom as bedside tables. With a characteristic contoured shape, they have a colored laminate top with solid wood edge while the structure is enriched by the wooden ring, a structural element that incorporates the typical support circles of the classic bent wood chairs. The heritage of Gebrüder Thonet Vienna inspired Front also in the design of the legs which contributes to defining the lightness of PEERS without affecting its stability.

Bent beech-wood coffee table. Laminate top.

W36,6" x D24,8" x H16,5"
W93cm x D63cm x H42cm

W29,1" x D24,8" x H16,5"
W74cm x D63cm x H42cm

Lead Time: 18-20 weeks