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Mollo Armchair

Designed by Philippe Malouin, 2014
$ 11,900.00

Composed entirely of foam, without any hard internal structure, Mollo’s simple form provides exceptional comfort and the ultimate relaxation experience. Your friends will lounge, jump, spring, bounce and lie over its curves as you party around it.

Comfortably seating seven, one on the seat and two on each of the three sides, the Mollo’s size and volume ensure its prominence and makes it a preferred choice for cavernous and triple-height spaces. Used as a seating island the Mollo can provide both privacy in quiet moments, and the means to integrate a space and initiate conversation at busy social events.

Foam, plywood, fixed non-removable upholstery cover.

L68,11" x D46,45" x H26,7"
L173cm × D118cm × H68cm

Lead Time: 13-15 weeks