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Astral Agnes 03 - 24 Lights

$ 12,600.00

Astral Agnes 03 - 24 Lights
by Lindsey Adelman

Based on Lindsey Adelman's Agnes collection, Astral Agnes reconfigures the modular units of the original series into radial, symmetrical forms that channel galactic phenomena and space travel.

  • Lead Time: 12 weeks
  • Dimensions: Appx. L 59in/149cm x W 59in/149cm x H 17in/43cm
  • Fixture Weight: 20lb/9kg
  • Materials: Machined aluminum, glass
  • Suspension:1/2-inch aluminum stem in matching metal finish. 35-inch length included with lamp. 96-inch length available for additional cost. Stem length can be adjusted on site.
  • Dimmer Compatibility: Triac/Phase-Cut