Credenza soie rug

$ 6,298.00

Credenza tries to reconcile Patricia Urquiola’s contemporary design with the art of Federico Pepe, founder of Le Dictateur. The Credenza Collection is comprised of furniture edited by Editions Milano  and the Credenza Rug by cc-tapis. A collection whose sole-function is not only to furnish but also to enter into a relationship with the space, creating a new tension and most importantly creating a presence. A technical design language combined with traditional materials.

Designed by Patrica Urquiola and Federico Pepe  

Model: Credenza
Color: Blue
Technique: Hand-knotted
Material: himalayan wool and pure silk
Quality: A+ (152.000 knots/sqm approx.)
Lead time: 15 W 
Dimensions: (5,2'x7,9')