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Filigrana Light

Designed by Sebastian Wrong, 2018
$ 760.00

Filigrana Light harnesses the mastery and heritage of traditional Venetian glass blowing, merging a 16th-century technique from Murano with a modern aesthetic to create four unique suspension lights in three candy-stripe colour options.

Glass shade, Metal ceiling rose, Metal and acrylic fittings, Flex cable.

S1 Beehive:
Ø6.3" x H5.5"
Ø16cm x H14cm

S2 Cylinder:
Ø8.7" x H9"
Ø22cm x H23cm

S3 Ellipse:
Ø14.5" x H9"
Ø37cm x H23cm

S4 Ellipse:
Ø17.7" x H12.9"
Ø45cm × H33cm

Cable Length 

S1: 1kg
S2: 1,9kg
S3: 3kg
S4: 4,1kg 

Voltage (V)
120 or 240 V

Bulb and Fitting
110/120Vac, 60Hz Bulb, dimmable
S1: E12 LED 6W 
S2/S3/S4: E26 LED 9W 

Lead Time: 4-6 Weeks