Loafer SC23

$ 2,699.00

The SAS Royal Hotel turned to Space Copenhagen founders Signe Bindslev Henriksen and Peter Bundgaard Rützou, who designed a chair that would look lovely in the hotel - and actually anywhere. Loafer.                                                   

“The SAS Royal Hotel lobby is an essential part of their legendary interior,” says Henriksen. “It’s enormous and elegant. We wanted to design a piece of furniture that could create a sense of intimacy in this very open space.” “At the same time,” adds Rützou, “The design had to relate the signature spiral staircase and the circular columns of the space. A comfortable design that would somehow also make you feel protected. Sitting alone or in a group, without feeling too exposed.”

Whether for an exclusive hotel, club or lounge, or a private living space, Loafer offers the ultimate in luxury. The freedom to lounge in style forever.  

Materials Wood, HR foam, polyester wadding, fabric upholstery.
Dimensions (cm/in) H: 75cm/29.5in, 65cm/25.6in, L: 70cm/27.5in, Seat height. 42cm/16.5