Julien Carretero


Designed by Julien Carretero, 2019
$ 795.00

This collection deals with a production process inspired by the traditional plaster dragging technique in which the plaster is constrained in shape by a profile while hardening. This technique, traditionally used to produce ornamental cornices, is adapted here in order to serially produce various typologies of objects. The process results in an infinite variation of shapes based on solids of revolution.

Lacquered plaster.


Dia 11.8" x H 11.8"
Dia 30 x H 30 cm

Models and colors
The Drag2 collection is designed for you to match your favorite piece
with one of the 15 colors proposed on our chart.
Custom colors (RAL, NCS, Pantone) are welcome. An additional fee will then be charged.

Made-to-order by Julien Carretero in his Brussels workshop.

Material and finish
Lacquered plaster. Vases and bowls come with an inner waterproof coating.

Numbered and limited to 99 per model.

Lead Time: 8-10 weeks