Vittoriano Viganò

Vittoriano Viganò (born Milan, 1919–died Milan, 1996) was an Italian designer and architect. He graduated from Politecnico di Milano in 1944. After a brief apprenticeship at Studio BBPR and after obtaining a master’s degree in construction with Arturo Danusso, he served as an assistant to Gio Ponti in the department of interior architecture. 

In 1947, Viganò began working as an artistic and technical advisor for Arteluce. In 1950, while Gino Sarfatti went on a long research trip to the United States, Vittoriano Viganò became the artistic director of Arteluce and contributed his own design imprint by using metal cones and shapes to shed and project light along large arms. Upon Sarfatti’s return, both architects continued their collaboration.