Baixo Sofa

Designed by Guilherme Wentz, 2020

Baixo Sofa is an invitation to a new form of relaxation. Closer to the ground, its organic shape is highlighted by the upholstery in 3D-knit fabric, maintaining the purity of its forms through the absence of any visible seams.

Solid wood, plywood, foam, 3D-Knit fabric

L 79" x D 43" x H 23" x H.s 12" (Small)
L 200cm x D 105cm x H 58cm x H.s 30cm

L 98" x  D 43" x H 23" x H.s 12" (Medium)
L 250cm x D 110cm x H 58cm x H.s 30cm

L 118" x D 43" x H 23" x H.s 12" (Large)
L 300cm  x D 115cm x H 58cm x H.s 30cm

Lead Time: 12-14 weeks

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