Solo Vase

Designed by Guilherme Wentz, 2017
$ 490.00

Solo Vase proposes an unconventional and delicate way of bringing nature into the house. The slim metallic tube holds a single leaf or flower, mimetizing the continuation of the stems. The detail is made by a cut in the curve of the tube – inspired by the primitive work with cane and bamboo – which brings a feeling of flexibility and naturalness to the rigid tube. The Solo Vase stands on the floor and leans on the wall, supported by a hidden fixture, from where the vase can be gently pulled off for the water maintenance.

Aluminum / Stainless Steel

W: 2cm / 0,8”
D: 16cm / 6,3”
H: A: 95cm / 37,4”

Black Aluminum, Stainless Steel

The vase can be gently pulled off the wall support for water maintenance.

Lead Time: 12-14 weeks