After Party

Designed by Garth Roberts , 2023
$ 11,246.00

The subtle and abstract nature of the design is the result of Garth Roberts’ research and experimentation. Exploring contemporary and traditional graphics and texture, the haphazard nature of the design was inspired by the world of celebration, confetti and life’s fleeting moments. Creating a subtle and abstract graphic where the apparent randomness of the design has been translated by Tibetan artisans with over 152 000 individual knots per square meter. A randomness which has been custom made and born through experimentation. AFTER PARTY is available in three versions: Black, undyed and pink. Proudly made by hand in Nepal.

Himalayan wool and silk

L90,5" x D118"
L230cm x D300cm

Custom Sizing Available Upon Request:
$153/sq ft

Lead Time: 15 weeks