Allwood AV35

Designed by Thau & Kallio, 2024
$ 1,015.00
Rooted in their Norwegian design ethos and use of natural materials, Torbjørn Anderssen & Espen Voll embarked on a journey to create a light and comfortable wooden chair that seamlessly marries traditional craft with a contemporary and fresh presence. Made from a combination of solid wood, laminated parts and oak plywood, Allwood demonstrates a variety of techniques that exemplify their commitment to quality and the material.

Frame is made from solid oak. Seat and back panels are made from oak veneer with clear water-based lacquer.

Chair Dimensions

H: 80.6 cm/32 inch

W: 48.4 cm/19 inch

D: 53.5 cm/21 inch

Seat H: 46.6 cm/18 inch

Seat D: 43 cm/17 inch


4.8 kg

Trolley Dimensions

H: 55cm / 22in

W: 76cm / 30in

D:53cm / 21in

Trolley Materials

Frame is made from solid oak with water-based clear lacquer. Wheels are made from steel and rubber.