Arcolor Composition

Designed by Jaime Hayon, 2017

Modular system designed around the classical geometry of the arch, employing from the beginning the disciplined use of the arch to create something more organic.

Metal and MDF. Shaped polyurethane with different density / polyester slip cover

L124,5" x D37" x H30,25" [AR01]
L316cm x D94cm x H77cm

L130,5" x D37" x H30,25" [AR02]
L331cm x D94cm x H77cm

L164" x D53" x H30,25" [AR03]
L416cm x D135cm x H77cm

L108,75" x D99,25" x H30,25" [AR04]
L276cm x D252cm x H77cm

L140" x D124,5" x H30,25" [AR05]
L355cm x D316cm x H77cm

Lead Time: 20-22 Weeks

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