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Aura Light

Designed by Sabine Marcelis, 2020
$ 4,350.00

Harnessing Marcelis’ expertise in the utilization of cast translucent materials, the suspended cylindrical bar of the Aura Light can stand alone or work as part of a grouping. Over a meter in length, the design is made from a bio-epoxy resin, formulated using by-products from the agricultural industry.

A replaceable glass LED tube is housed within the  resin case, with the light traveling through the material to create a warm glow. Easy on the eyes, this soft ambient light effect is ideal for a home-working environment as well as relaxed living and office spaces.

Bio-polyester, powder-coated steel fixing, steel suspension cable

L43" x D 3" x H 3.5"
L110cm x D7,5cm x H8,75cm

Cable Length


Voltage (V)
120 or 240 V

CE Marked

Lead Time: 8-10 weeks