Fordite Rug

$ 9,769.00

Fordite is a byproduct of the car manufacturing industry: a multicolored stratum of enamel automotive paint that has built up over time within the factory, which is then baked and polished until it resembles a jewel. Inspired by this material, Patricia Urquiola has integrated a similar approach to sustainability in the creation of these rugs. The Himalayan wool, pure silk and aloe used was sourced from the material excess left over from cc-tapis’s regular production process. The rugs maintain the same layered appearance as Fordite, recreated with recycled wool and accented with lurex threads.

Size: 170x300
Technique: hand-knotted
Material: cotton weave, Himalayan wool, pure silk and aloe
Quality: A (125.000 knots / sqm approx.)


fordite A: 
fordite B:
fordite C:

Lead time: 15 W