Onda Coffee Table

Designed by Guilherme Wentz, 2022
$ 12,100.00
Onda Coffee Table associates itself with the image of the sea. The sculpture in the granite stone, a single machined block, creates the perfect curve – marked by the amplitude of the balance point from rest to the crest of the wave. A movement of the waters that presents strength and delicacy in a block of a Brazilian stone. The black base gives a sense of depth, where matter is dense, complex and mysterious, like the ocean at night. The white stains, in contrast, recall the foam of the break, the becoming of the wave: stirred water, clarity and friction.

Coffee table with top made from a single block of machined granite. Granite with matte finish. Textured powder coated steel structure.

W: 160cm / 63” D: 80cm / 31½” H: 28cm / 11”

Table top height: 25cm / 9¾”

Lead Time: 12-14 weeks