Roll & Hill

Pole 02

$ 6,000.00

Rigid yet flexible, Pole's aluminum construction and modular design allows it to create giant curves. Pole illuminates a broad range of space in multiple configurations along walls, floors, and ceilings.

Lead Time: 8 weeks, shipping from September 2019.
Configuration: Base Unit - Floor 02 (x2) / 5 Sections / Universal Wall Plug
L 157.9in / 401.1cm x W 5.1in / 13cm x H 86.1in / 218.8cm
Weight: 85lb / 38.6kg
Finish: Black
Materials: Aluminum, steel, silicone
Bases: (x2) L 5.1in / 13cm x W 5.1in / 13cm x H 9.9in / 25.1cm cylindrical bases in matching metal finish (appx. 35lbs)