Roll & Hill

Shape Up 5-Piece Chandelier

Designed by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio, 2014
$ 14,750.00
Shape Up is a versatile lighting series that celebrates bold geometric shapes: the playful juxtapositions upend traditional notions of symmetry in favor of a dynamic spatial harmony. The modular system allows the shapes to be suspended and composed in response to a space's architecture and function, its shades discreetly networked via connecting cords and hubs.

Glass, steel, brass, aluminum

Cone: L13,5" x W13,5" x H13"
L34cm x W34cm x H33cm

Hemisphere: L16" x W16" x H10"
L41cm x W41cm x H26cm

Arc: L15,5" x W2,5" x H7,5"
L39cm x W7cm x H19cm

Cylinder: L4,5" x W4,5" x H17,5"
L11cm x W11cm x H44cm

Globe: L11" x W11" x H12,5"
L28cm x W28cm x H32cm

24 kg

Voltage (V)
120 or 240 V

120V/240V LED Illumination
Sockets: G4
Bulbs: 2.6 Watt, 12V LED
Wattage: 15.6 Watts
Lumens: 240 Lumens
Color Temperature: 2700 Kelvin
Bulb Life: 50,000 hours
Dimming: ELV, Triac

UL, cUL (120V)
CE (240V)

Lead Time: 12 weeks