Tela Dining Chair

Designed by Guilherme Wentz, 2017
$ 1,450.00

The Tela lounge chair has given rise to a new version of the dining chair. Like its initial version, the backrest weave is inspired by the classic cane woven pattern of the midcentury furniture. The plot design has been recreated in a larger scale made with cotton thread for more comfort and durability. The chair has a lower backrest and can also be used to compose with the armchair in a living room or lounge. The design seeks maximum comfort with a minimal structure, light aesthetics and a tropical flair.

Wood, Cotton Thread Upholstery

Name: Tela Dining Chair

Type: Dining Chair

Environment: Indoor

Materials: Wood, Cotton Thread



W: 55cm / 21,7”

D: 54cm / 21,3”

H: 80cm / 31,5”

Seat height: 45cm / 17,7”

Technical Description:

Dining chair with solid wood frame. Backrest in woven cotton thread. Plywood upholstered seat with recycled

fabric (70% recycled cotton + 30% recycled PET) orl leather.


Natural materials are subject to color and texture variations. These characteristics are part of the product

history and make every single piece unique.


W: 58cm / 22,8”

D: 67cm / 26,4”

H: 83cm / 32,7”

Gross Weight: 14kg

Lead Time: 12-14 weeks