Volta Dining Table

Designed by Guilherme Wentz, 2019
$ 3,150.00
The Volta table refers to nature in its impermanence. The organic shape of its base gives the feeling of movement and constant (re) construction. While the evident texture on its surface highlights the natural finish of the oak veneer.

Plywood, MDF, Natural

Small(VL01) Ø: 90cm / 35,4” H: 75cm / 29,5”
Medium (VL02) Ø: 120cm / 47,2” H: 75cm / 29,5”
Large (VL03) Ø 140cm / 55,1” H: 75cm / 29,5”
Extra Large (VL03) Ø 160cm / 63” H: 75cm / 29,5”

Oak, Black, Leaf Green, Walnut

Natural materials are subject to color and texture variations. These characteristics are part of the product history and make every single piece unique.

Lead Time: 12-14 weeks