Ana Kras was born in Serbia in 1984 and is now based in NYC. Kras' distinct approach fuses sculpture and craft aesthetics with minimalist functionality and a whimsical approach to color. Her Slon line for Matter Made takes two simple forms -- a tube and a slab -- and a pastel meets earthy color palette to achieve a number of standard options and limitless custom variations.

Matter is pleased to welcome the work of Seattle artist John Hogan. Hogan has dedicated his craft to a single medium: glass. Hogan's manipulation of texture, shape, color, and the optical qualities of glass creates objects that dazzle from every angle. Reflections, transparency, and the bending of light bring complexity to simple forms.

Visibility is an industrial design studio based in New York City which focuses on the purity of an idea, as well as its material and formal actualities. Their Matter Made Kyuzo capsule collection includes desk accessories and other small goods that exemplify the fusion between technology & design.

Matter is extremely pleased to announce an exhibition of furniture and lighting by Belgian design duo Muller Van Severen. The exhibition will feature over ten iconic works, presenting on overview of their first two collections; all works will be available for sale. This will be Muller Van Severen’s highly anticipated U.S. debut.

Bocci's 22 series outlets are now available in a tamper resistant version. The 22 series is the most revolutionary development in electrical socket technology in the past 100 years. This subtle detail will elevate any space to the next level. Please contact us for more details.

New designs by Bec Brittain are now available. This up-and-coming lighting designer, known for her fascination with crystalline structures, has just released several new designs. Click on the image above to see the fresh additions as well as  her other work on offer.

Teak is a wonderful material with which to work, and we are always excited when one of our designers puts it to good use. Shown here is a detail of Matt Gagnon's Knit Fort woven from teak and rubber cord. First shown a few years ago during New York design week, we recently set it up and have fallen in love all over again.  

Karl Zahn's Momentum series is now on the web site. We showed this work for the first time during NY Design week. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind study in materiality and motion. All are handmade by the designer.

Just Added

NEO/CRAFT develops products from top-grade raw materials, which are processed in highly innovative ways. Their form is often deceptively simple - after all, it's the details that make every object unique.

New lighting from Roll & Hill, including the new Shape Up series designed by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio.

New lighting from Rich, Brilliant & Willing.

New Lighting from Bocci.

New from Bower: Contour Side Tables, Coffee Table, Dining Table, and Mirrors.

New furniture, lighting, and more from La Chance.

A seed crystal is a tiny crystal used to grow larger crystals. They provide order emerging from chaos. This concept is the inspiration for a series of lamps by Bec Brittain for Roll & Hill. An armature of round, mitered tubes defines a chaotic void, yet order is imminent as seeds appear.

A ceramic print detail of fine stripes creates an ethereal moiré pattern on the glass planes of Tom Dixon's new Trace side table. Part of a larger series soon to be up on our website.

Taking form from its Olympian namesake, Discus is an extended lighting family that is equal parts classical and contemporary. The versatile collection is available in table, floor, and swing-arm sconce iterations, and is also offered as a series of modular hanging and wall-mounted fixtures.

TS, short for ”The Standard”, is inspired by the 30’s architecture of the building in Copenhagen that houses, among other establishments, the Verandah restaurant. The tables' metal base and marble top reference materials found in the original building. Sophisticated and versatile, TS complements a variety of interiors.

Paul Loebach's designs often focus on the emotive meanings of objects. With Major, a collection of large-scale hanging lamps, Paul takes inspiration from brass musical instruments.