Muller Van Severen

Double Desk

Designed by Muller Van Severen, 2014
$ 8,160.00
Double desk is an object first shown at New Work in 2014, a solo exhibition by Muller Van Severen. This object consists of two tables where the upper table is placed diagonally over the lower table, acting as a shelf. Unlike ‘table + low table‘ or ‘3 pieces desk‘, the shelf cannot rotate. When it comes to materials, Muller Van Severen chose for glossy lacquered steel shelves and rusted frames. This object is handwork made in Belgium.

Rusted steel frame and high gloss lacquered steel plates

W47,2" x D27,5" x H29,1" (desk)
W120cm x D70cm x H74cm (desk)
total height: 49,2"
125 cm

Lead Time: 12 - 14 weeks