Polar Alcove Sofa

Designed by PearsonLloyd, 2020
$ 7,374.60

PearsonLloyd design for the seating system inspired by the blocks of ice floating in the waters of the Northern seas, a space far from the hustle and bustle of urban life where silence and unspoiled nature reign . Abundant volumes and oblique cuts form islands of total relaxation thanks to the new high backrest that creates an alcove, a secluded and intimate space. The seat is also equipped with integrated hi-tech accessories such as the side USB port, which make it a strategic ally to carve out maximum comfort but without giving up the advantages of contemporary technology.

Available in the following upholstery options:

  • Grey Blue (Thuya Col. 08)

Dimensions: H: 114cm (44.8"), L: 234cm (92.1"), D: 123cm (48.4")

Note: The seat can also be equipped with a USB port, making it a strategic ally for enjoying the utmost comfort without giving up the benefits of modern technology.

Fabric meters

mt. 11,00


m3 4,00


kg 110

Sq. m leather

mq. 20,00

Lead Time: 8-10 weeks