Muller Van Severen

Rack + Table L

Designed by Muller Van Severen, 2011
$ 6,300.00

Rack + table L is part of the first Muller Van Severen exhibition back in 2011. During this exhibition, the design language becomes clear: transparent objects that don’t clutter the room and consisting of not much more than a few outlines and color forms, as if the designers have been drawing in space.

There are no fringes about and every object excels in detailing. All surfaces are meticulously carved around the edges to ensure they fit the steel profiles perfectly; the profiles are sanded to perfection. It is all handwork done in Belgium.

Lacquered (white) Steel Frame with polyethylene shelves

155 x 80 x 190 cm

61 x 31.5 x 75 In

Lead Time: 12-14 weeks