Designed by Umberto Riva, 2018
$ 9,232.00
A year after the re-edition of the E63 lamp, Tacchini Edizioni rediscovers the more private side of Umberto Riva. Known as an architect and designer, Riva never tried to hide his fondness for art and painting. In his works, geometric patterns and colors intertwine, creating delicately beautiful abstract subjects, as in Rituale. Drawing upon the painting of the same name, the rug is completely hand made, in keeping with an ancient, intricate wool-knotting process. The ultimate distillation of art, artisan craftsmanship and design.

Fleece 100% Himalayan wool, cotton weave. Handmade with loom in Nepal (Handknotted technique). 125.000 knots/sqm.

W118,11” x D90,55”
W300cm x D230cm

Lead Time: 20-22 Weeks